The Homework Question…

I’m struggling to determine the appropriate amount and type of homework to give my Kindergarteners. Our state only funds half time kinder. My morning class is very rigorous. We write every morning in writer’s workshop, learn a letter-a-day, a new sight word each day. I follow our math program based on the core. There isn’t time to play with the wooden kitchen and stove that the previous teacher left behind, the cradle and dolls, the dress up center, etc. My students have fun and love the activities that we do but daily free play time, I just don’t make time for it. Which impacts my homework decision because I’d like to see my kinders work hard in the morning and then play at home. I need to look carefully at the online homework our reading program has to determine how it will fit into our literate kindergarten.

Kindergarten Adventure!

For the last two years, I’ve been “out of the classroom;” which is to say, I haven’t had a group of students all to myself but rather a whole school of students and teachers to teach. Because of several personal changes at home and a great opportunity to work with a fabulous principal at an amazing school, I decided to “go back to the classroom;” which is to say, I now have 18 smiling five year old faces who come excited to read and ready to learn each day. I get to practice what I’ve been teaching teachers for the past two year, and it is exhausting. I’m hoping to blog about that adventure- the adventure that goes beyond traditional worksheets and stuffy classroom practices and actually pushes kids to learn, grow, and succeed. I am functioning under the belief that our students are limited by our preconceived beliefs about what they can and can’t do and when we teach them how and why to do something, that their responses can amaze us. Please feel free to join me.